Jeremy Thake

Jeremy Thake

AvePoint Chief Architect & SharePoint MVP, AvePoint, Inc.



Jeremy Thake, SharePoint MVP and AvePoint chief architect, will provide an overview of how SharePoint can be presented as a service back to your organization. Based on Jeremy's experiences speaking with large enterprise organizations with multiple workloads inside SharePoint, he'll explain why many organizations have encouraged a distributed management of SharePoint across the business rather than central management by the IT department. Jeremy will discuss how this distributed management method is achieved while complying with agreed-upon policies established by the organization's governance committee. Topics such as accountability, restrictions, site lifecycle management, adoption, and return on investment of the service will be highlighted.


  • How organizations are presenting SharePoint as a service
  • Several of the key services presented to business users
  • How organizations are measuring adoption and return on investment

Jeremy Thake, AvePoint Inc.
Jeremy Thake utilizes more than 10 years of software development industry experience and expertise in Microsoft technologies to assist global enterprises in building solutions that will set the standard for the next generation of collaboration platforms. As a SharePoint MVP, Jeremy’s proven expertise has earned him multiple speaking engagements at technical conferences, symposiums, and user groups worldwide. Jeremy is a co-founder of, a SharePoint community portal focusing on the developer channel, and built the platform on top of SharePoint 2010. You can follow Jeremy on Twitter @jthake, or visit his blog at